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This weekend I watched a documentary on Westboro Baptist Church and their world famous leader Fred Phelps.  If you aren’t familiar with Wesboro Baptist Church they are known for picketing funerals of homosexuals, soldiers, government officials, etc… Their big agenda is picketing homosexuality and letting people know that God will kill them if they don’t turn from their sin. What I found more frustrating than this is the actual signs they use when they picket.  Signs that say things like “God hates Fags” “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” “Thank God for 9/11” and “AIDS is the cure for Fags.” The problem I have is these people are calling themselves “Followers of Christ,” and doing the “Lords work.” Being a follower of Jesus is to be obedient to Him, Ephesians 5:1 even says to be immitators of Christ.  I have never seen a single passage showing Jesus in the face of people telling them that His Father hates fags, or hoping more people die in wars.  It hasn’t happened, Jesus loved everyone.  As a matter of fact, the people that were least like Jesus actually liked Jesus.  He had dinner with tax collectors, hookers and sinners in general.  So for Fred Phelps and his “church” to be followers of Christ is a slap in the face to the true followers of Christ.  A true follower of Christ should not hate anyone, we should not wish more soldiers be killed in wars, and we shouldn’t wish death on anyone.  Peter even tells us thatt God is patient with us so that we might be saved.  Fred Phelps is praying for 2 million people to be killed in Iraq today.  Is that love? No, it’s far from love.  This man has a hatred in his heart for people.  If you are a true follower of Christ there shouldn’t be hate like this in your heart.  Afterall it is Jesus that says not to murder, and even takes it a step further to say that even if you hate your brother, you have already murdered him.  I don’t understand how he can call himself a follower of Jesus, read this scripture and still hate other people that God created.  I just don’t understand.

I k now the media has talked alot about this group the past month or so because of their threats to picket the funerals of the 9 year old girl who was shot in Arizona.  I don’t want to run this topic in the ground but what is happening is the world is viewing these people as “Christians” and thinking this is exactly what Christians are like.  What bothers me is a true follower of Jesus is nothing like this.  We do love others, we respect others. It doesn’t mean we agree personally or Biblically with sin in peoples lives, because we are all sinners, the Bible clearly states that. But we love them, we build relationships with them, we care for them and help them.  We live a life worthy of our calling and we let Jesus change people.  We can’t change people, we can only show them Jesus by our actions and even our words.  We don’t condemn anyone or tell someone they aren’t good enough, because Jesus didn’t do that with us. He died for all people.