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Posted: February 8, 2011 in Church Stuff

It’s no secret that last night was Super Bowl Sunday, but Super Bowl or not, we had church at 6pm as planned.  I’m sure glad we didn’t cancel, it was amazing.  Mainly because I preached……….Ok it wasn’t amazing because I got to preach, I’m just kidding!!!!  What was amazing is that even though we had a smaller number than usual, that smaller number came to worship Jesus.  We sang some songs and then I stood to speak about being bold.  I called it our Super BOLD party…..get it? Not very creative I know, anyway where was I? Oh yeah, being bold.  I spoke from Acts Chapter 3 and 4.  We looked at Peter and John healing a man lame from birth.  This guy was 40 years old and spent his life at a gate begging for money.  When Peter and John came along they didn’t give him money, apparantly they didn’t have any, but what they did do was tell the man “In the name of Jesus Christ, get up and walk.”  Now what I find interesting about this is that they didn’t do this by their own power.  They had the power of the Holy Spirit, and with that power they were able to say things like, “In the name of Jesus get up and walk.”  For those of us that are Christ followers we have that same power.  We just don’t like to think about it because when it comes to the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost us southern folk get kind of iffy about it.  But, what is awesome is that when we become a Christian we are sealed with the Holy Spirit and yes we have the power inside of us that Peter and John had. Take time to study all of the things that the Holy Spirit does for us, you will find some pretty awesome things that you may have never heard or thought about before. 

I love what happens next.  The man that was just healed gets up and does a jig and walks with them inside to pray.  All of the people that have passed by this man see him jumping and running and wonder what exactly just happened.  So, with all the looks being cast their way, Peter uses this opportunity to start preaching.  Of course he was used to preaching , he had just finished up a sermon where he saw 3000 people get saved.  So he did what anyone would do, he started telling them about Jesus and how they wanted to release a murderer instead of Jesus and that they killed the Author of Life!!! You Go Peter!!!!!  But wait, some people didn’t like the name of Jesus being mentioned.  Peter and John are arrested for proclaiming Jesus and thown in jail.  When they were brought before the council they were still preaching.  They were told to never come back, they threatened them and sent them on their way.  I wonder what we would do if thrown in jail for preaching Jesus , would we listen to their threats and not come back or ever say the name of Jesus again?  That’s not what Peter and John did.  They went back and prayed for boldness.  They weren’t going to stop, they kept proclaiming the name of Jesus and prayed for the boldness to do so.  So my challenge to you guys tonight is to keep proclaiming Jesus regardless of the cost.  He died for you, are you willing to die for him?