Another School Shooting?

Posted: February 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

what-is-sinI opened up my twitter feed yesterday and right before me was the horror of another school shooting. I didn’t realize until early this morning that 17 people lost their lives to another senseless act of violence. 17 people that were going about their daily lives, making plans, looking forward to things, learning, hanging out with friends and just living their lives. All of that was shattered yesterday when a young man with a gun chose to reign terror on the precious victims.

We find ourselves mourning for these victims and their families. Many people all across the world are mourning with those who mourn, and weeping with those who weep. There is a shared bond with many people as we watch from near and far, this tragedy unfold. Many are asking why, many don’t understand, some are pushing for tougher gun laws, and their are others that simply do not care.

The problem with one of these tragedies is that people want to point fingers at the shooter, his family, his mental health, his upbringing, or to the weapon he was holding. Others want to point fingers at different groups for supporting guns, those groups point the fingers back at them for not supporting guns. It is a never ending cycle of blame placed on so many different people, groups, or things. Yes, the shooter made decisions that he will have to live with fore the rest of his life. He will face the consequences of his actions, and he will have to live with the 17 faces he gunned down in cold blood.

Ultimately, we have to look at the root cause of the actions that were carried out at this school. Sin. Many want to point fingers, but not many want to acknowledge the real reason this, and other tragedies, occur.  The answer is sin. We live in a fallen world. From the time the Bible opens in Genesis chapter 3 we see man completely disobey a holy and perfect God by eating the fruit from the tree he specifically told Adam to avoid (Genesis 2:17).  Because of this very act in the Garden, sin has spread to all men and women that have walked this earth or will walk this earth in the future (Romans 5:12).

If sin is the root cause then what is the solution? Jesus. Only Jesus. He is the only answer to this curse of sin. This is why it’s all to important that professing Christians take the Gospel seriously, the Good News of Jesus Christ. If we are true believers then we must preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations. This means we must be ready to have Gospel conversations everywhere we go. We need to tell people that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and nobody comes to the Father but through Him (John 14:6).  It’s important to take the Great Commission seriously (Matthew 28:16-20). I will admit, sometimes it’s difficult to talk to people about Jesus, but think of the people that boldly proclaimed the Gospel to you which led to your salvation. You could be the person God uses in someones life to hear and receive the Gospel.

You never know, that person you talk to today about Jesus may be just one breath away from making a serious decision that could affect many people for the rest of their lives. Proclaim the Gospel everywhere you go and trust God to save souls. Sin is serious, which is why we need to be even more serious about the Gospel.

In Christ,

Pastor Steven


  1. Josh Bolen Romans1:16 says:

    Good message this morning. Thanks for all you do for the kingdom. I was just telling a lady I work with yesterday about how sin has consumed this world and without Christ filled lives it’s just going to get worst. As I was talking she got the alert on her phone about the shooting. It’s so sad to see these innocent kids being killed. The fact is this is a fallen world. There are no moral values anymore. That’s why we need Jesus, to preach Jesus, and pray without ceasing. Love you brother.

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