Church Growth

Posted: January 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

Yesterday (1/7/2018) I shared the vision to grow our local church at South Caraway Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Arkansas. There are many resources that speak to growing a church. There are websites, podcasts, and hundreds of books dedicated to providing practical ways to grow a church.

I wanted to look on the internet to see how to grow a church and compare it to the way I feel is best to grow a church. Here is what I found. Their information is in bold lettering. My short commentary/thoughts are not in bold lettering.

The Five Most Important Principles of Church Growth

  1. Outreach is the priority. Outreach is a byproduct of spiritual growth. The priority is the Gospel.


  1. Social Networks are the Vehicle (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Social media is not the vehicle in which to grow the church. The Vehicle used is the Word of God! The Bible.


  1. Felt Needs are the connecting point.
    1. This point said: Don’t start with your agenda, start with theirs.
    2. Our agenda must be that of Christ, not our own!


  1. Relationships are the Glue (Be a Relational Matchmaker) Put people together that will hit it off.
    1. The Holy Spirit is the glue. If we are honoring God, giving Him glory and living for him then being relational will be another byproduct of doing this.


  1. Transitions provide the window of opportunity. (Major events in peoples lives bring them closer to spirituality.
    1. In other words, they are encouraging the church to prey on people’s major life changes and pain.
    2. Example: When someone loses a loved one, gets sick, gets fired, etc… Move in and pounce. Seize the opportunity so to speak…. THIS IS WRONG!


Needless to say, I disagree with most, if not all of these “practical,” most “important,” ways to grow a church. Below is my plan to grow our church, taken from the Bible, specifically looking at the early church.

  1. Devote ourselves to Prayer: We will pray more together as a congregation and encourage a stronger prayer life individually. We will begin to pray specific prayers: Prayer of exaltation, adoration, confession, assurance, etc.… We will incorporate those into our worship gatherings.


  1. Pray the Holy Spirit would move: Pray the Holy Spirit will move in our congregation bringing them into salvation, or bringing believers back to Himself.


  1. Preach the Word: From the platform or in small groups, we will preach and teach the entire Word of God. Scripture is of supreme authority and we will treat it that way.


  1. Preach the TRUE Gospel: Nothing watered down to make it easier to hear, we will preach the true Gospel. Man is sinful, God is good, Jesus died so that men and women could be saved from their sin, have a right relationship with God through Jesus and live a life devoted to serving Him. It’s God that does all of the work, not us! AMEN!


  1. Devote yourselves to the teaching of the Word. This one is on you as individuals. The Bible says to test the Spirits, so whether I’m teaching, or any of your Sunday School or small group leaders teach, study the content for yourselves. Hold us accountable, but devote yourself to the teaching!


  1. Take Care of one another’s needs. Benevolence, Food Pantry, ETC…. Donate and Give to those areas, but when you hear of a need, quietly contribute or meet that need.


  1. Break Bread Together. We will have meals together. When we gather to fellowship, get to know someone you don’t know well. Sit with them, talk with them, get to know them. Break bread together in your homes. Study the Bible together, get to know each other.


  1. Worship. We will give God glory through song, the preaching of the Word, giving, greeting and everything else we do. We also want to encourage you to do all things for the glory of God in your own life as well.


In short, we will be faithful to the Lord, and let Him add to the number, those that are being saved. True church growth.


In Christ,
Pastor Steven

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