Men and College Football

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Uncategorized


I have to admit, this picture is fun to look at for me. It represents an Ole Miss football team that beat an Alabama team Saturday night. I am an Ole Miss fan and I was excited to see my team win such a big game. I slept like a baby when the game was finally over at 12:30am on Sunday morning.

Here’s the flip side of that. Let’s say Alabama won the game. I wouldn’t have been as excited but I would have still slept like a baby. The truth is college football doesn’t determine how I respond in life or the way I treat other people. For many men it’s quite the opposite. Many men will be frustrated, angry and down right mean. They will be mean to their wives , snap at their kids and sleep in on Sunday mornings while the rest of the family treks off to church, without the man of the house.

Not all men are this way but I know many men that are. They base their life around college football at the same time claiming to know and follow Jesus. The last time I checked Jesus didn’t die for college football, hunting,  fishing , trucks , work or whatever else men immerse themselves in. Jesus died so that we could give him glory, build each other up and evangelize the world. College football is a form of entertainment that is meant to be enjoyed, not worshiped. The only person that deserves worship is Jesus himself.

Here’s what I’m saying. Enjoy life, enjoy football but don’t let it rule you. Worship our risen Savior and lead your  families well. If you don’t have a family , worship Jesus and learn how to lead a family when you do have one. Our country is in desperate need for real men to step up and give all glory to God and live with conviction, read their Bibles and do what it says and lead their families well. We have to stop letting football on Saturday determine what we do on Sunday and every other day of the week.

Live for His glory today.

In Christ,


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