Getting past our past

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

I ran across this article this morning. I’m so thankful for the words written here, they are true and as real as you and me. I hope it blesses you like it has me.

In Christ,

You can’t seem to get past “it!”

“It” just seems to pop in your mind at random times. 

You have people in your life you see and they remind you of “it.” 

What is “it?” 

“It” is that thing, that season, that series of events that (if you could) you would go back in time and do “it” in a completely different way. 

You think “it” defines you. You think all people see when they look at you is “it,” and all too often you believe that because of “it” God doesn’t want anything to do with you. 

You can’t seem to move forward because you are full of “it.” 

“It” may indeed be something you did…but if you are in Christ it is not who you are. 

Other than Jesus, God never used perfect people. Abraham was a pagan, Moses was a murderer, Noah was a drunk, Rahab was a hoe, Peter cussed, Thomas doubted, Paul killed people, David committed adultery and murder…and God used all of them to do greater things than they could have ever imagined. His grace really is greater than our sin!

In Christ we can move past “it” and step into what He is calling us into.
Do not let the enemy steal your joy by constantly reminding you of your past…and, when he does just simply take a step back and remind him of his future!

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