One Life

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

One Life is all we have. We don’t get another shot on this earth. No mulligans. This is it. What,we do with our life makes a difference. I have lived most of my life living for what I wanted to do, living in sin and living like a carefree rebel with nothing to show for my life. 

I have thought back to people that I have known that have passed away much to early.  I thought  about their lives and the impact they made whether good or bad. I think about people that lived a long life and left a legacy. Whether it was a good legacy or a bad legacy. One conclusion I came to was that we will all be remembered when we pass away. Another thing I’ve learned is that our life truly is nothing but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow as James tells us in scripture.

On any given tombstone you will find a birth date a dash and a death date. That dash is a big deal. What we do between our birthday and our death day matters. I thought about my life and if I were to pass away today I wouldn’t be remembered for much. The things I’ve done wrong far outweigh the things that I have done right. So that lead me to wrestling through some sin issues in my own life and feeling the weight of guilt and shame and wondering what I was doing with my life. After a few good books , some great counsel, the Word of God and the power that is in the name of Jesus I moved from a cloudy life of guilt and shame under a covering of grace and mercy. What I do now matters and my life is now spent in an all out ferocious attack for the glory of God and not my own. 

There is power in the name of Jesus and that power moves us from a selfish lifestyle to a selfless lifestyle where we honor God in all we do and lean on Him in all things.

Maybe you haven’t lived the best life and when people stand over you one final time they wouldn’t remember anything that great. Maybe they wouldn’t remember you as someone that loved Jesus with all you had and served and led your family well. Maybe you would just be remembered as a good person. Through the power of God and the Holy Spirit we can change. You no longer have to live a mediocre Christian life. We can all change.

I, like Paul, feel that I am the chief of all sinners, but God has declared me not guilty by the blood of Jesus and if you are in a Christ you have been declared not guilty as well. Make today matter. Change old habbits, give them to God, trust in His grace and in the promises He has given us. Live for Him regardless of what anyone says or thinks. Serve the Lord not man.

Make your dash matter and live for Jesus. Start now. If you already do, keep running the race. We only have this one life.


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