Dead Man Walking

Posted: May 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Colossians 3:3 says that we have died and our life is now hidden with Christ in God. Translation: We don’t live for ourselves, our lives do not belong to us, we belong to God and we should be so close to Christ that we go where He says go, do what He says do and serve when and where He says to serve.  Sadly we don’t live our lives like this.  We live our lives wanting to do what we want to do, we live for our families, our money, our cars, our jobs, it’s all about us.  It’s not just you, it’s me too.  We get so caught up in life and living for ourselves and our own pleasures that we really miss the reason we are here in the first place.  Those things are to 1. Give God Glory 2. Build Each Other Up 3. Witness to the World (The Great Commission). That doesn’t say anything about do what you want to do, build yourself up, and indulge in sin, it’s all about you!! We have to change our thinking, and this verse has let me see exactly how we are supposed to be hidden in Christ.

Do you know those huge balls they have out now? The ones where you can actually get inside and strap yourself in and just enjoy the ride? If you haven’t seen them they are pretty crazy.  When you strap yourself into this rolling ball you are at it’s mercy.  You go where it go’s and you roll where it rolls.  Here is a picture of one just to give you an idea.


See the man strapped in the MIDDLE of this ball? This should be like our life hidden in Christ.  We should be so close to Christ that when he says do something, we just do it because we are so close to him.

Her’es the kicker.  This man willingly put himself in this ball.  He didn’t have to get in it, he wanted to.  This is the beautiful thing about Jesus.  He doesn’t make us follow Him.  We have a choice to make, we can choose to follow Jesus with passion or we can choose not to.  When we choose to sin, we choose to step away from Jesus and live for ourselves.  We have to step over a blood stained cross to do whatever it is we do.  So we can choose to follow Jesus, or we can choose to step away.

This is what I choose.  I choose to be hidden in Christ, to be so close to Him that I hear His heart beat and hear Him speak louder than ever before.  What will you choose? Your past sin doesn’t keep you from the love of Jesus. You can’t work your way back into the love of Jesus or in right standing with God.  He has always loved you and he’s ready to hear you say I’m sorry, forgive me.  When you do that, he forgets it, whatever IT is.  He’s always been there, and he always will.  You can start over, blank slate, redo a mulligan.  Learn from your mistakes, and trust Jesus, jump in head first, be all in.

Be a dead man walking – Die to yourself – Live for Christ. Jesus is ENOUGH!!!

Check out this video – It’s one of my all time favorites.

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