Sing, Sing, Sing

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Singing and playing instruments seems to be controversial. I don’t know why because the Bible tells us to sing and even play instruments. The Bible never tells us that using guitars, drums, keyboards, cowbells, etc… is wrong. So whatever your view is on instruments in the church let’s all agree on one thing, and that is to sing to our God. God has given us many reasons to sing and praise Him. We all know that He gave His son Jesus to die for us. We all know the story of Jesus being crucified. That alone is enough to sing praises to our God. But, I want you to think about what God does for us on a daily basis. Let’s start with the very first thing he does for us, this may sound corny, but he allows us to breathe as we sleep. He then lets us wake up. Then what do we do? We get dressed, we eat some breakfast , brush our teeth, put clothes on the kids, grab our wallets or purse, walk outside and get in our car or truck, crank it up, drive to work, work all day, come home, maybe watch tv, eat supper, play with the kids, take a shower and go to bed. Then we start the next day all over again. Let’s just take a look at these things. Notice that we get dressed, eat breakfast and brush our teeth. God has given us clothes, food and toothpaste. Now let’s look at getting in our car and driving to work. God has blessed us with some form of transportation as well as a job. Then we get to come home, watch tv, play with the kids, take a shower and eat again. More food. Some people don’t get to eat but one small meal a day and they are still hungry after that meal. God has blessed us so much with all of these things and yet every day we take them all for granted. He has also given us some form of shelter and clothes. God has given us many reasons to praise and sing of His most awesome name. While I have mentioned these things I have failed to mention all of the other problems or storms He has helped you through. So why don’t we sing praises to Him?? Psalm 47:6 says Sing praise to God, sing praise; sing praise to our King, sing praise. Remember these things daily and let’s sing praises to our Lord and Savior. Sing, Sing, Sing!!!!!

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