As the Coffee Gets Cold

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

As I sit here this morning with my cup of coffee I have noticed over time that I haven’t taken a drink of my coffee so I pick it up and what do I taste?  Coffee! Yes Your right, but LUKEWARM coffee!! Ahh!!  As it has sat here over time without me filling it back up it is neither hot or cold, but lukewarm.  If your like me your coffee has to be either hot or cold, there is really no in between.  As I took that big sip I wanted to spit it back out all over my computer screen.

As I sit here thinking about my coffee, the words of Jesus from Revelation 3:15-16 ring out in my spirit.

15 “‘I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! 16 So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.

Much like this coffee our lives tend to be the same way.  We will be on fire for Jesus and loving Him but over time we start to lose some of that fire, some of that zeal, something else begins to take it’s place.  I am wondering this morning what happens to us.  Why do we become lukewarm?

I stare at my coffee cup and I think.. Why is my coffee getting cooler.  Obviously it’s the atmosphere surrounding it. The air inside of my house is not hot and it’s not cold, it’s comfortable so the surroundings make a huge impact.  Much like our lives, what we surround ourselves with and who we surround ourselves with make a huge impact in our lives, especially our spiritual lives.  If we surround ourselves with people that really don’t care much for God, then our Spiritual temperature will begin to drop, we start to become lukewarm.  If we surround ourselves with people that love Jesus then our spiritual temperature tends to rise and we become more like Christ because we are influenced by the people we are around.

This cup of coffee has no choice where it sits, what it sits beside or the temperature of the room.  We however have a choice.  We can surround ourselves with people that love Jesus or we can surround our selves with people that think Jesus is just ok, or we can surround ourselves with people that don’t care about Jesus at all.  We have that choice and when we love Jesus we should make an effort to find those that love him to.  Ones that hold us accountable to our love for Jesus, ones that keep us in line when we fall out of line, pick us up when we fall.  Choose wisely.

We also can choose our actions, what we see, hear, say and do.  Much like people , if we jump into things that do not honor God, if we indulge in sin then we become less and less on fire for Jesus and we start to get lukewarm or maybe even cold.  Cold in this text is much better than lukewarm.  What tends to happen in this day in age, is people go to church and sing the songs, raise their hands, cry a tear and say I love you Jesus but then do what they want the rest of the week.  When asked if they are a Christian their answer is always , oh yes, I love Jesus.  This isn’t a biblical view of Christianity and this kind of life makes God sick and he wants to throw up.  Biblical Christianity is dying to yourself, waking up every morning and saying ok today I choose Jesus, not me.  We are called to take up our cross daily and follow Jesus, not take up ourselves and follow the world.  We die to our wants and needs and live for Jesus who supplies us with His wants and needs for our lives.  We stay on fire for Jesus, not ourselves.  Our actions will show us our spiritual temperature.  What you do and say matters.  If you love Jesus, set your mind on things that are above as Paul talks about in Colossians, not on things of this world.

Finally, I have one last thought.  If I want the remaining coffee in my cup to be hot again I can put it in the microwave and it will get hot.  We can learn a lot from this example.  I don’t suggest trying to stuff yourself in the microwave or your oven to get hot, but I do suggest you plug back in to the source.  Reading our Bibles, praying, serving and worshiping.  These are our “microwaves” so to speak.  Doing these things brings us back to a “hot” spiritual temperature.  They keep us engaged and connected to Jesus.  When we fall away from these things, our spiritual temperature declines and we are more likely to become lukewarm, and make God sick to his stomach at us.

Don’t make God want to spew you out of his mouth. Much like I wanted to spew my lukewarm coffee out all over my laptop, it wouldn’t be good.  Make good decisions, good choices, and stay connected to the source.

In Christ,


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