Shake our Nation

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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We live in uncertain times.  Our world is changing about as fast as we can breathe.  We have all heard the stories from the older generation, the ones where they walked to school up hill both ways bare foot in the snow.  You’ve heard those right? I have heard my share of those stories, stories of a life that was simple.  A time when doors were left unlocked, even at night when everyone in the house was asleep.  Stories of people helping each other out, working until the sun went down to provide for their family.  Crime was almost non existant, especially in a lot of smaller towns.  People lived in harmony for the most part, and technology hadn’t even hit the scene yet.  Life was simple. Do what’s right, work hard, be kind, loving and gentle.

The most simple times of my life were riding my bike all around the neighborhood without fear, wichout a care in the world.  Playing outside by myself until the street lights came on.  Playing football with my friends, walking to the store, calling someone on a rotary phone and watching my parents pay only 88 cents for a gallon of gas. 

Now I have three kids and things have changed so much.  Our government is pumping fear into the nation, our media fuels that fear, a dollar isn’t worth much these days, cars are stopping themselves, phones are doing everything for us now and we wouldn’t dream of leaving our doors unlocked at night and my kids would never ride their bikes alone. Not in our neighborhood , my old neighborhood or even a park. On top of it all there has been a tremendous shift from the older generation when it comes to Jesus.  Most love Jesus, went to church, still go to church and generally have a healthy fear of God himself. They held scripture to the highest regard and let their life align with what Jesus taught.  What about today?

Today there are so many people turning from Jesus. They have their own agendas, their own ideas and their own plan for their lives.  There is no fear of God, no respect for God and no care for God or His Word.  As more and more people drift further and further away from the Gospel we see crime increase, teen pregnancy increase, young and old alike addicted to drugs, pornography, alcohol, gambling, etc… We see students dropping out of school and living a life apart from Jesus and His word.

I believe it is time for parents to step up and stop trying to be kids again.  Understand who God is, understand who Jesus is and put their faith, hope and trust in Him, and understand that each and every person has a path that God wants to lead them down. Those same parents could then lead their kids, teach their kids and point their kids to Jesus.  It starts with just one person understanding who Jesus is and expierencing their calling and being bold enough to stand up against culture, against people with opposing views and against the darkness that is in the world. This isn’t done out of hate, but out of love because God is love. 

Not only does this go for the ones that don’t know Jesus, but for the ones that know Jesus that have fallen away to give in to their own desires.  If we say Jesus is Lord , then he has to be Lord of everything in our lives.  If he isn’t Lord of all then he isn’t Lord at all.  When we understand Jesus and what the Gospel means to us and become obedient to him then we would see divorce rates decrease, the use of drugs, alcohol and porn decrease and.we would see lives that have been wrecked by the world become wrecked in an amazing way that would impact God’s Kingdom. 

It starts with one.  You know someone has to start a movement, why not you, why not me, why  not us? Why don’t we speak up for what we beleive, why don’t we become a leader and not a follower.  It took one person to begin to turn away from God and manufacture their own ideas and their own beliefs, that then took the people around them captive. Those people began to follow those teachings and be influenced by the beliefs.  All it takes is one person.  The same can be said for following Jesus.  It only takes one person to be bold enough to share what they believe, to be an influence in someone elses life, and then we could see a nation come back to Jesus and love Him, the scriptures, and God the Father.

Today, my prayer is that God begin to shake our Nation.  Our Nation has been shaken by the wrong hands now for so many years. I believe now is the time that we begin to ask God to shake our Nation with His hands, the hands that created our Nation to begin with.  It’s time to stop trusting in hands of men that only produce worry, anger, depression and rage, and start trusting the hands that created the world, the hands that hold us up, the hands that pull us out of the pit, the hands that save.

God, here we are, shake our Nation.

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