Sundays Coming

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I recently read John chapter 4 for probably the 100th time in my 30 years on earth.  Maybe not that many times, but I’ve read it enough to know the story well.  Jesus is at a well in Samaria and a woman comes up to get somethin to drink.  Jesus says I’ll give you living water and then exposes some sin and she leaves to tell her people what happened and many Samaritans come to know Christ through her encounter with Jesus. 

I took a deeper look into this amazing story and realized something.  We are much like the woman in the well in more ways than one.  Yes, we are sinners in need of a Savior and need Jesus to give us livin water which leads to eternal life.  Salvation. We all need it, but I found something intersting in this story and it requires us to take a deeper look at ourselves.

The woman comes to the well and meets Jesus, she has no intentions of sharing with anyone who she really is underneath.  She comes to the well kind of like many come to church.  Suits, ties, slacks, nice shoes.  We dress up to cover up. Maybe you don’t wear a suit to church, maybe you wear blue jeans and a flannel shirt.  Well, here is how that looks.  We come to church hiding whats underneath and showing our best to others.  We sing, lift our hands, pray, tell everyone everythin is great in our lives, the whole time masking a life of sin that we can’t change, or maybe don’t even want to change. Much like the woman at the well, she brought her best smile, her best speach, her best everything, and then…

Jesus gets into a conversation with her about giving her living water.  Ultimately telling her He is the way to salvation, and a way out of her life of shame and misery.  She doesn’t understand the message so He digs deeper and starts exposing sin in her life.  She gives him the fact that she of course isn’t married, and has had five husbands and currently shacking up with some guy thats not even marriage material apparantly. However, she quickly shifts the spotlight off of her and asks a question that has nothin to do with her sin.  We are also a lot like this woman in this sense.  When we are confronted with our sin, we quickly get defensive or hit the person with a question that momentarily gets the heat off of us. I like to picture this as somone wearing a really nice tie with a nice sportscoat, but wearing jeans with holes in them, or pants that are ripped and shredded. We will give a little, we will confess a few sins, still hiding the big things in our lives that ultimately keep us from knowin and lovin Jesus. We say things like “I haven’t prayed much this week” or ” I cussed a few times” or maybe even ” I kicked a kitten,” “Stepped on a puppy, and been mean to my wife and kids.” We confess these “smaller” things while still hiding the major sin in our lives.  Don’t get me wrong here, sin is sin no matter how you slice it, but some sin does far more damge than others.  We choose to hide those things.  Maybe it’s fear of rejection in confession, maybe it’s because we don’t think we can change, maybe we don’t want to change.  The truth is Jesus can change us, He wants to change us, He died just so He can change us.  So we see partial sin exposed, and we can relate.  Then Jesus drops the bomb.

By the end of the story the woman goes back to her people and says “Come see a man that has told me everything I have ever done.”  I want to think that Jesus just spills the beans.  He has broughth to the light everything, and I mean everythin she has ever done.  By the end of the story I believe she is standing in front of Jesus, completely exposed, and probably feels better than ever.  When we hide sin our bodies tend to be more tense, we know we are doin wrong and we choose to do nothing about it.  I picture this as a homless man walking into church.  All he has is the nasty, stinky clothes he has on, and he knows it.  He is showing the world that this is me, this is who I am.  I have nothin to hide, it’s all out there for you to see, now help me change.  When we confess our sin first to God, then to others, we can start to God do a work in us like nobody else can.  On the same note, when we confess our sin to others we can begin to live in community and do life together. Walk with people through their trials, pray together, just do life together with a goal of complete life change in mind. 

Jesus is ok that we are broken, sinful people, he knows it, that is why he died for us in the first place.  Jesus wants our mess and he wants to change our mess to become something beautiful.  We are all called to give glory, honor and worship to Jesus, but a life of hidin sin hinders this calling.  Stand in awe of Jesus, stand completely exposed, confess your sin to Him and others and let Him do a work in you that you have never expirenced before.  He will take you from rotten to redeemed, if you let Him.

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