Are we to blessed?

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I wonder if we are a little to blessed.  Are we to blessed? As I’m sitting on my back porch I am pondering the thought of us living in America.  People risk their lives to get here every day.  Whether by a small boat across the ocean, or jumping a fence.  People want to be here.  Why? Because we have it all.  We have good jobs, good technology, nice houses, nice cars. People get here because everything seems to be better in America.  As a devoted follower of Jesus I think sometimes all of this fancy stuff gets in the way of the way we worship a risen Savior.  Lets look at America from a churchy point of view.  When you go down given road, especially in the south, you will see a number of buildings with church signs in the front yard.  We go to church in these nice buildings with central heat and air, running water, restrooms, nice seating, pretty pictures and of course a painting of Jesus that looked like he just stepped out of a runway show.  We have all these nice buildings but when it comes to our worship, if the carpet is dirty, the band was loud, there wasn’t enough hymns, or it was to hot in the building we sit there on our hands and worry about all of these things instead of giving honor to the One who died for us. We want to be comfortable when we “go to church.”  But, what about all of the people in other countries that sit in a room with no hear or air, no carpet, no running water, and even have to risk their lives to get there.  When I see people like this they are hungry for the word of God. These people come together as the church and pour their lives out for Jesus, the name above all names while we sit here in America and pour our lives out for our job, our kids, our money, our cars, our boats, our houses, etc… We want to be comfortable, and have things our way.  The only problem with that is that Jesus didn’t die for us to be comfortable, or to have things our way.  He died so that we could be free from sin, declare Him as Lord, and be the church, not just go to church.  So as you prepare for your Sunday morning worship experience, think about why you are there.  Are you there for a social meeting, or are you there to give it all for the one that gave it all for you.

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